DAW Integration- Komplete Kontrol and Studio One

YOU ARE ABOUT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE FINEST” DAW Integration- Komplete Kontrol and Studio One. Every since Native Instruments released DAW integration with the awesome Komplete Kontrol MK2, Studio One was never included in the list. However we know that CuBase, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live were mentioned on launch day. This started a huge concern with the music makers in the Studio One user community. There were never an issue connecting your keyboard with Studio One via “New Instrument” in the external devices tab in the preference¬†window. We just never had the ability to experience DAW integration as it was intended first go round.

In the past I discovered a way to route midi in a way that allows me to trigger the transport bar but it was not stable and extra trial and error involved. I settled for the old way I’ve always done this. Space bar for play and stop. The “R” key to toggle on and off the record function. Brackets keys to forward and rewind. The issue with this is that I could not expand my setup due to the computer, type keyboard and mouse needing to be near each other at all times. So when this integration finally hit the Studio One 4.5.3 update I was blown away. It’s my new preferred method which promotes a solid workflow because no longer are my hardware bound by cord length or a certain way everything needs to face each do to arms reach.

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