Era Plosive Remover by Accusonus

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ERA Plosive Remover

I think this plugin is a very good simple solution to getting rid of that common unwanted pops that accrues in audio when people either talk or sing. Words that start with Bs and Ps are the target. It’s the reason we use wind screen filters or what’s know as Pop Shields aka P Popper Stopper. But these tools are not all the time available to us. The other issue is some people do not know the importance of using such things to produce better audio quality, so we’re stuck with bad audio to work with and high expectation that we are magical magicians who can fix these issues. Well the good news is we are to some extent. There are a few tools out here that makes it possible to fix plosives, but for simplicity Accusonus Plosive Remover wins this round.

I am impressed with the power behind this super simple plugin. It comes with useful presets to get you going. You pick between normal and extreme then let the plugin do it’s thing by increasing the processing power all in one big knob. What’s also cool about this is you can compare your settings between A and B. I remember the time I had to add two of the same plugins to compare between.

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