Komplete 13- Butch Vig Drums

Butch Vig Drums

Are You A Butch Vig Fan?

Impressive sound we thought coming from this new plugin instrument by Native Instruments called Butch Vig Drums. There are a million drum samples surfacing the internet with the ability to use in your music project, but do they need to be processed?

Most of the time that’s what we do when dealing with drums. There’s always some sort of FX such as distortion, compression, EQ, Reverb, Delay, Saturation, and a list of other things we use to make them sound different and more interesting than the original sample.

Sometimes we download samples from sites such as Splice, Sounds, and Loopcloud. Loopcloud allows you to color samples as well. But when it comes to the Butch Vig Drums, it’s totally not the same. It’s an instrument designed with really great sounding FX right out of the gate.

Immediate inspiration takes place from the very first pad/ key you hit to the macros you can customize in the actual plugin/ instrument itself. You can play your own patterns but if you’re stuck, there’s pre-made patterns built in just an octave above.

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