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Studio One

The 10 Things I Love About Studio One

There’s so much about Studio One (a.k.a. S1) that I can write in this blog, but I don’t want to bore you with all of it. I’ll just mention only 10. Maybe next time I’ll bore you. Let’s point out the 10 things I love shall we?

1. Thumbnails: Easy for quick drop and drag techniques

2. Color Scheme: Being able to customize colors in your work station is a huge perk. I love Art so this makes sense to me.

3. Project Page: Never leave Studio One after the mix. Keep it all in the family. Mastering meters built in. Upload album art, meta data info, and all that jazz.

4. Speed: It’s very important that speed is fast for getting work done and submitted to the clients asap. Also speed helps with ideas that comes crashing down my head.

5. CTC-1: I can still produce quality music behind a analog mix console. This is awesome.

6. Arranging Regions: This feature makes it easy to edit voice over content.

7. Universal Control: This DSP technology is a game changer. The ability to pre or post send FX without the need to be inside any DAW is major. Set up several headphone mix according to the musician taste when recording.

8. Rendering Plugin FX per Region: This is super amazing. I remember when I had to cut out sections of audio from one track and duplicate to extra track just to put and effect on it. I still do this from time to time depending on what I’m doing but for something quick and simple, why waist a extra track and use more computer resources to achieve this right?

9. Song Page Tabs: The option to switch between several songs load at one time has sped up my workflow because I’m a multi-tasker. Also sometimes if I’m working on a new song, I get writers block and start something new instantly.

10. Multi Midi Channels: Kontakt player is where this term is used frequently. Use up to 16 midi tracks with no issues at all. Studio One way around this technique is so much better than what I’ve encountered using Logic Pro.

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