Studio One 5.2

Studio One 5.2 has arrived and made its way to show stopper status. 5.2 is jam packed with the goods. A bunch of improvements to existing features that feels like new features. Presonus has outdone themselves. These improvements and request are user based driven. We will list only a few as there are way too many to talk about on this page. Elib covers a wide range of the updates during his live “First Impressions”.

Sound Variations

This takes key switches to another level with the ability to trigger it remotely via macro commends from your mobile device such as iPad and hardware controllers. The mapping is certainly sophisticated which unlocks more kreatve possibilities. 

New Safety Features

Say whaaat?!!! Now there’s a booting window that will populate the next time you launch Studio One after a crash to aid in a few choices you can pick from. Does this mean we can expect better stabilization from Studio One?🤔 You now have the option to load Studio One without VST support or rewire and a few more. Totally up to you.

Splitter Tool Now A Plugin

Hey guys, the Splitter tool is now a plugin which means you can see which track has the Splitter activated without second guessing yourself. That’s Fire!!!

Clip Versions

Ever thought you could do so much with audio? Presonus has thought of another way to help us save cpu power when they introduced this one. See here’s one of those feature improvements that feels like a new feature. Basically you can take a audio clip inside your arrange window and kreate several versions of it to do all sorts of things to it without needing to duplicated the track or the original audio.

Score View Improvements

Nice Drum Notation and Tablature additions to the score view. Notes can now be entered into multiple voices (up to four voices) for a single instrument per staff. Support for tablet view is amazing.

Now this is just to name a few. Tap into the video to go even further with this announcement.

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