Unboxing AKAI MPK Mini MKII

Unboxing AKAI MPK Mini MKII

I had the opportunity to unbox a really kool midi keyboard device designed by Akai. This 25 key keyboard is light weight and small enough to fit in most backpacks. I was contemplating on purchasing this thing because it seemed like a toy at first but after playing with it for a few weeks, I’ve been able to continue getting my work done without compensating quality. I’m used to using full sized keys but the MPK Mini is ok by me. This might be idea for anyone who’s looking for affordable and and dope looking midi keyboard.

The only thing missing on this device is play and stop buttons but I digest. Someone mentioned I could program one of the pads to control the navigator features. I think that’s pretty kool but I’m ok with it. Besides I like to use the pads for my drums anyways.

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